Option to update database at boot-up

I wish that there was an option for automatic updates only at boot-up. Now that CIS has AV heuristics, I would use this option to avoid interrupting other running applications. I boot my PC every day, and I use the manual update when not running my normal applications, which just fit within the PC’s RAM. If an update occurs when my normal applications are running, my PC thrashes the disk immensely to run the update from virtual memory. My PC becomes about a 100 times slower for several minutes, making it unusable.

Avira supports this option by supplying an executable for updates that the user can schedule at logon using Windows Task Scheduler (choosing the run as administrator attribute for limited accounts). I already use the Comodo firewall and HIPS. I really need this update option before I can switch from Avira to the Comodo AV.

I understand your point here, but may I ask what will happen once COMODO starts releasing 30 minute database updates? You will be missing those new signatures until the next day, or until your next reboot.

I am satisfied to get signature updates once per day, which is how often I reboot since I turn my PC off at night. I appreciate Melih’s point “Signature based AV is not and cannot be your first line of defense, Period!!!” See https://forums.comodo.com/melihs_corner_ceo_talkdiscussionsblog/race_to_zero_who_needs_it-t22407.0.html
This is why Comodo introduced heuristics.

A way to support my scenario while providing flexibility is to have one checkbox for update at boot-up and other controls for automatic updates based on time, which I could disable.

I agree, that would be nice.

I added a poll. Please vote. 8)

Antivirus should always check for updates at boot. That shouldn’t be an “option”.

I agree with the extra controls for automatic updates though.

Maby some “check for updates every XXX minute” could be a good thing also…
For those with very bad connections… =/ So you can set yourself how often CIS should do a check…