Option to trust files before they get automaticly sandboxed on CIS

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Whe we run a file thats not recognized by CIS it gets sandboxed automaticly so we dont have much control over it, except if we open main cis gui, goes into sandbox and mark the files as trusted or not.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Add the option to NOT AUTOMATICLY SANDBOX unrecognized files.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
If we install a software thats not recognized by CIS it will be sandboxed by default. If this software installs child processes they will be automatic blocked or sandboxed by cis. This behavior is not good for production and usability. If we could mark the files as trusted before it gets sandboxed could be a pro for all users of CIS.

4. Any other information:
An example of the mentioned situation is with the game called “CrossFire”. When we try to install the game the installer will install “X-Trap” togheter. CIS will automaticly sandboxe the CrossFire executable and will do the same with X-Trap. Even if we click on “not sandbox it next time” for CrossFire executable, it will sandbox the X-Trap. With this sandboxed the game will open but errors will occour and the game will be terminated or will freeze. Some cases the game will crash and the user will have to reinstall it and then trust the x-trap executable and the x-trap .txt file used by the app itself. This is an example but this can be reproduced in a wider situations with softwares that are used for work, production, etc, like LightWorks. So please, consider the possibility of introducting the option to stop every unrecognized files but not sandbox these files automaticaly. Instead, give us the possibility of truste the files before they gets sandboxed or even before they run on system.

I Voted Yes.

One query
Crossfire is an installer so why there was no Unlimited rights Alert? Is this a bug?

I dont know but anyone can replicate it just downloading the crossfire installer and installing it.

This would be amazing, as over time it kind of gets annoying having to close and reopen programs for the 1st time even though I just trusted and told not to sandbox.

When you say an option to not automatically sandbox apps do you mean you want CIS to show an alert on what you want to do? There is a wish in the tracker already to ask the user to sandbox a file instead of doing it automatically.

Is this wish the same as the one already on record?

wasgij, thats exacly what I mean with this wish. Maybe you coould merge this wish with the other thats ins older. until now, no updates reggards these wishes.

Since this wish is a duplicate of another wish in the tracker and has already been verified im going to move this one to added/rejected.


I dont beleave that this is just “an wish request” by comodo users, instead, I beleave that this is an option that could be mandatory on CIS. please, consider trying to talk with the devs so they pay attention to this particular wish (the other one you told).