option to set defualt save locations for files based on file type

so i could go into options and configure dragon to save picture formats to the pictures folder. or a text file to documents. this way everything gets saved where you want it with out going the rout of other browsers where you set it to either ask everytime or set a default folder for everything to be saved to.

also if i select the file type jpeg to be saved to pictures folder then also suggest othe picture fromats to be saved to the same folder.

don’t force the user to save all picture formats to one specified folder though because they may want certain picture formats saved in one folder and other picture types saved to another. so just suggest other related formats for audio, image, video files. so audio related file types for mp3 would be wav etc. image formats related to png would be jpeg etc.

you get the idea i think. you could also make dragon ask for the fist time per file format that doesn’t already have a default save location made. so the first time the user downloads a picture. dragon could ask if you want to make a default save location for this file but give the option to say no and do not ask again for this file type or no and do not ever ask for any files type ever again. of course the user could have the option to go into settings and undo there never ask again decisions.

also allow the user to go in and maully setup all fefault file formats. also allow the user to right click and hit save as and choose the specific place for file fomrats that have a default location set just in case the user wants to make an exception for saving files that have a default location set

Sounds like a download manager. I would love to see Dragon incorporate a full-featured download manager.