Option to Remove system tray Icon

I want to remove COMODO firewall system tray icon. Is there any option in settings to hide system tray icon(I found nothing) ? :frowning: If not, Then please add this option. (The firewall like Windows firewall does not show any icon in system tray.)
:-LaPlease Note:
(1) I do not want to do some settings in taskbar properties>notification icons>customize>HIde always.This only hides the system tray icon, does not remove it.
(2) I do not want to stop startup processes. I know by doing so I can remove system tray icon. But this will not let the COMODO firewall to start at windows logon.

Please tell me any other method to remove system tray(Notification area) icon for COMODO firewall exept above two methods.
Thank you. :slight_smile:
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I want the same thing too…
I want to remove COMODO firewall system tray icon!!
But keep the firewall in action.
Any solutions/ideas?

right click > exit + kill the registry startup made by cfp.exe

Please be more specific.
Step by step if possible.
I found the registry entry and i delete it (view attachment)but when i deleted the registry cfp.exe and tried to open the internet explorer the explorer just freeze,i doesnt open,the right thing is to ask comodo for permision.
But NO i dont want to completely stop comodo firewall,i just want to remove the tray icon.
I want comodo firewall to WORK.
Like windows firewall,what i mean…Is nothing there but when is needed the firewall appears for action.

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Remove cfp.exe from HKLM autostart with the help of Autoruns. This way U can get rid of Comodo User Interface (tray icon, main window etc).
This will not stop COMODO firewall from operating according to current configuration, but there won’t be any pop-ups and other “user-interaction”.

<<but there won’t be any pop-ups and other “user-interaction”.>>
NO i dont want that,i want to remove the tray icon but also have the pop-ups and user-interaction.
Is that possible?

No good,with this now i have the customize icons in the tray.

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