Option to install only the cloud AV instead of the full AV [M1982]

Yes, but it can’t detect and block temporarily while asking you what to do with the malware (Quarantine, exclude etc)

Just needs user interaction

And exclusion capabilities (for CFW) and general AV settings like alert timeout, max file-size etc (for CFW) ← Sure all of that is already in CIS but the issue there is that you must also use local signatures that need to be updated and if you don’t then it starts complaining.

CIS ← Needs local signatures.
CFW ← No/little AV options to speak of (logical really considering it’s supposed to be without AV…)

… The wish is pretty much really to be able to have CIS but without local signatures, as I understand it, and that isn’t possible at the moment.

I meant Cloud in CIS is just a connection to the cloud databases.
CCAV is pure Cloud AV i.e if you execute a sample it will be blocked for the verdict from cloud for the specified amount of time or default time for the cloud verdict.

I have just realized one thing.
If you install Comodo Firewall (and not Comodo Internet Security) you still have the cloud analysis, don’t you?
So, basically the only difference is that the database of signatures won’t be installed on your PC and every file will be analyzed on the cloud (if you choose to do so).
Am I right?

With the firewall you get the cloud analysis including the cloud AV signatures. There will be no local av signature database.

Hi EricJH, OK, now it’s clear :slight_smile:
So, basically my wish can be fulfilled by installing CF instead of the full CIS :slight_smile:
Another question: if I export my settings from CIS 8.2, then I remove it and i make a clean installation of CF 8.2, can I import the settings?

While CFW does make use of cloud signatures it doesn’t have any on-demand scanner nor many options at all really when it comes to the AV part and exclusions are nowhere to be found.

Hi Sanya, yes, you are right.
But even now, with CIS installed, I seldom do any scan by CIS. I prefer to use hitmanpro or EEK which perform a faster full system scan and have a higher detection rate.

Usually, the most popup I get come from Defense+ (HIPS or sandbox), sometimes from the FW and almost none from AV. So, I’m wondering whether it’s worth to dawnload around 200Mb of signatures for the AV or it’s better to rely on the cloud AV in the few cases i need an AV

I guess I can remove CAV in this way

Can anyone confirm that in this way I’ll keep all my settings (of course, except the ones about AV) ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I answer myself: yes, CIS will keep the settings :slight_smile:
Without AV my PC is getting much faster, which is understandable :slight_smile:
Now I’m thinking to add CCAV, but only if the detection rate is better than the one of cloud lookup in CIS

i voted yes to add a scan button to Comodo Firewall to scan from the cloud / Valkyire in the future, just like CCAV