Option to ignore user?

Is there a way to ignore a user in this forum?
Some forum engine (like vBulletin) allow this.
This option would be useful in some case…

You can set “Ignore” for your PM’s I don’t think you can filter out forum posts based on Ignored users.

Ok thanks. That’s too bad.

I’m glad there isn’t that option. Else no one would see anything I write.

I’m “glad” that you did not get it again, so you reply was your usual … blahh… blahh ■■■■ (excuse my French… for goodness sake!)

Syl’s request, though

was legit, but…
In addition to the correct answer by Ronny, compare to Laser’s usual blahh … blahh’s

As far as I know aside from PM options - vBulletin allows moderators to set certain posts not to be seen by any other users by setting those as “unapproved” - no more then that
Well, it has its negatives:

If some users already answered - mods has an additional & very annoying work to be done/manage … otherwise, any given thread can be a complete insanity to read

That is basically reflecting several requests here about removing an account
I was kinda asking about the later aswell, but I do understand the issue -

  • marking posts as ignored / or deleting posts because of the account deletion will make many threads a complete mad-house to read :slight_smile:


This is also probably be considered French “blahh blah” or whatever by SiberLynx, but I’ll still write it. 88)

If we had the option to ignore users’ posts, then as Siber sort of said, the posts would be confusing. There would be some users wondering about the replies they are missing, and there would be parts of conversations that would not visible to certain people, etc.

I think this is what Siber was getting at, but he did say:

excuse my French


You may have thought my previous post didn’t mean much, but I think it did: I was acknowledging that Syl probably wanted an ignore feature to ignore me. 88)

Not really, I wasn’t poiting anyone.
But I’d prefer to ignore some posts instead of losing my time replying to it (and I’m not talking about what you wrote, I don’t even remember, sorry ^^; )
And I know I shouldn’t reply sometimes, that’s why it’s better for everyone if we can ignore some posts. Mods won’t have to enforce rules all the time if we can moderate ourself this way…

Ah ok, the twitter stuff :slight_smile:
Don’t you think this situation would have been better if I hadn’t replied?
I request this for my own sanity…


The only problem that can be related & was actually discussed here previously -
compare to other forums this one does not have an ability to “not watching” the thread.

As soon as you replied once you will have all threads under “Show new replies…” & that is pretty much annoying in case that one lost interest reading particular discussion