Option to disable HIPS from tray icon

Hi all,
I changed to Comodo Internet Security a few months ago since my previous firewall was giving me trouble and yesterday I updated to the new v6.0. I don’t wanna get in details about what I like and what I don’t like about the new version because this is not what I opened this thread for but there is something I’d really like to be added in the new version.
Upon installing v6.0, I noticed that HIPS was disabled by default, maybe because Comodo’s devs consider the new sandbox enough but I still prefer to use HIPS. The problem is that now because of this, there is no fast way to disable HIPS from the tray icon anymore and I have to disable it manually every time from the configuration menu; at first I thought disabling “Behavior Blocker” from the tray icon will also disable HIPS but upon trying it, I noticed it doesn’t. The main reason I would like to disable HIPS is for when I want to install a new application I trust in which case I prefer not to get 100+ alerts from Comodo since I’m eventually gonna allow them all in the end and I’m not gonna get the same alerts again anymore because I would be installing the aforementioned application just once.
Bottom line is, I’d really appreciate if Comodo’s dev consider adding another option to the tray icon for temporarily disabling HIPS.

There was also another small request, I’d really appreciate if Comodo’s devs consider modifying the alert system in a way that new alerts would show up behind older alerts and not in front of them; since I started anew when installing v6.0 and I was getting multiple alerts in the first few hours of usage, I noticed in many occasions that as I wanted to answer an alert, another alert would popup in front of the alert I wanted to answer and before I could stop myself, I had answered the new alert instead of the older one.

With regards

+1 to HIPS in the tray icon.

Please, add HIPS controls through the tray icon.

It would be nice to have such an option.