Option to choose between Bytes/s and Bits/s in the Traffic Pane.


This wish is rather simple, I’d like the option to choose between Bytes per second and Bits per second for the Traffic Pane on the Widget. Why? Most ISPs write their speeds in Bits per second instead of Bytes per second so having the traffic pane show it in Bits per second would be easier to compare it to what your maximum connection is and it’s faster to get an overview without having to do conversions in your head.

For example an ISP might say you have up to 100Mb/s down, if you would get up to that 100Mb/s down the traffic pane would show 12MB/s which is somewhat confusing, well not really it’s easy to make the conversion to Mb/s but it would be easier if it was simply shown in Bits per second from the beginning, but make it an option since some people might like that it says Bytes per second.

An example: Lets say the traffic pane shows 10 MB/s down and 300 KB/s up, with my wish I want to be able to show that as 80 Mb/s down and 2 Mb/s up.

I don’t know if this has been wished for before, I searched for it and got no results.

Sanya Iv Litvyak.

That would be a nice addition.