Option to change location of sandbox & manage un-sandboxing

ill made this like a faq theme i say the problem or what need to be configurable
Q: i noticed the folder created by comodo sanbox in c:/virtualroot but my first disk i almost full so how i can move the sanbox folder to to other hard disk?
A: cannot

Q: i made some files with a program sanboxed and now im using it without sanbox, how do i apply/discard all changes made by the program?
A: cannot, but can do i manually goin to the folder in c:/virtualroot/programname and doin a copy paste or delete they manually

Q: everytime i open an application launcher i get the comodo popup asking for an elevated access, how do i shut down it?
A: there is no short way to disable this popup, need to put the application in the my own safe file in Defence + options

this 3 thinks the actual problem of sanbox, at first i dint understand what was the elevated access think until i saw in forums that it is asking cuz of sanbox, but another problem with firewall growp up fron that is that the firewall dint ask nothin for the application connection.
if any of this problem hav anythin to do with the new user friendly interface, they can be fixed without making more popup, only setting a manual option to turn on or change thinks inside the comodo options

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This is a misunderstanding I will create a new post that quotes and clarifies this.

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