option to block website url

is there an option in comodo 3.0 to do that?
for example, instead of blocking the ip of google.fr it would be easier to type block google.fr


Add a BLOCK rule using HOST NAME and enter the domain name you want to block.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This does not work in the current version 309. I reported a similar incident in Bugreports here where I was trying to allow the connection.

If I take, for example www.shellcity.net and try to block the host name in my browser network rules, the block is ignored. If I block single IP ( instead of host name that works fine. Can someone please verify?


Actually, if you try to block a hostname through Application Rules it will work. It should also work if you put this blocking rule only in Global Rules as they’re expected to be processed as last for outgoing connections, but it doesn’t work. I really start to doubt Comodo’s products reliability, and especially CFPv3.

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Well, did you try it with 309?

I just mentioned that doing this in my browser application rules does not work for me. I’m curious why it is working for you and not for me. I would like to try your scenario.


Yes, I did.
All I did was that I added the blocking rule above any other rule inside browser policy.

Blocking rule details:

Action: Block & Log
Protocol: IP
Direction: Out
Source Address: Any
Destination Address > Host name: www.shellcity.net ( or shellcity.net )
IP Details > IP protocol: Any

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I forgot about this feature because I don’t use it at all (I prefer HOSTS file), but there is something called ’ My Blocked Network Zones’. If you add a host name there then it will block the site you want.

I just tried this again after cleaning out the browser cache and restarting the browser from scratch and now the block is working as expected. I previously closed and restarted the browser too. The only thing I did not do was clear the cache. Hmmmmm…


I’m still not convinced blocking/allowing by host name is working 100%. I noticed that when I launch Autoruns (913), it does HTTP Requests to [url=http://crl.microsoft.com]crl.microsoft.com /url on Port 80 so I made a rule to block and log this action. As far as I can tell, the block is ignored and I get an ASK alert Instead. I changed the block rule from host name to single ip and the action is blocked without an alert. If someone has Autoruns, I would be interested if this can be recreated.

Thanks, Al

Blocking by host name is something advertisers expect, and have planned for. Example, this morning I tried to block creativeby2.unicast.com and discovered that I got a different name resolution for each time I accessed my DNS. So, the solution was to block the entire range of IP addresses used by unicast!