Option to Allow Printing from Always Sandbox Application

I would like to have added an option to allow for a CIS popup asking if i want to allow specific “Always Sandbox” applications to access my print devices. This would be nice because I run my pdf viewer and browser as “Always Sandbox”. I do not want them to always have access to my print devices as I am aware of atleast one virus that makes use of printer spooler to write files to disk (if memory serves me right). But at the same time, when I hit print in this programs I would like to Comodo to allow access through the form of a popup for temporary access.

P.S. If there is already a way to do this, Im sorry. Ive read a lot about the sandbox but have not come across anything addressing this specifically.

No responses yet to this excellent inquiry?

Bump… hopefully more people will realize the necessity for an option like this.