Option 'Purge' Comodo Firewall not working

Hi everybody,

I’m a new Comodo Forum user. Should I be in the wrong topic of the forum please let me know. I read the forum rules before posting. I know that I should search similar topics and that’s what I did but with no success. So here I am. My problem - as per subject - is the ‘Purge’ function of unused or pointing-to-nothing items in the Defense+ or Comodo Firewall (Menu Advanced Settings\Security Settings\Defense+ or Firewall\HIPS\Hips Rules. When I right-click to recall the menu and press ‘Purge’ nothing happens and the cursor keeps rotating forever. And purges nothing. All I can do is to manually close the settings window.

1)My Comodo Firewall (free) version is 7.0.3177
2)Operating system is Windows 7
3)Avira Antivirus (free)
4)I already uninstalled Comodo Firewall with Revo Uninstaller, after that I uninstalled the program remainings with Comodo Uninstaller and re-installed Comodo. But the bug is stlll there.
5)I updated Comodo but it was no use either.

So now I’m asking if anyone here in the forum had the same problem. I hope someone can help. I would appreciate a lot.

I have the same annoying issue with comodo In.S.P 8

sorry but this is the italian help forum … the english help forum is here > Comodo Forum