Option - Information on viruses.

I would like to see an option in CIS - Information on viruses. ( link via online)

1 . Where viruses a list.
2 . It is found in a day.

Such option have is in some products.

+1 :-TU

Unique information on every single malware could be somewhat hard but information on malware groups etc would be nice, and perhaps unique information on malwares like Flame and Cryptolocker and whatnot could be done.

That can only be done with malware families yes, but even that I don’t fully agree with that as normal users usually don’t quite pay attention to malware name etc…

They wouldn’t have to pay attention to the name? All they would have to do is click the name and they would get relative information about the malware, for example “This malware is a crypto-ransomware which encrypts your files and will only decrypt them if you pay the malware creators, even then they might not decrypt the files.” or something like that, but you know… better. Perhaps the automated thingie Comodo uses could add data like what the unique file does, what processes or files or services etc it creates, what modifications it does… you know. ← I wouldn’t expect a person to write all that but the automated systems should be able to do it, well not at the moment probably… but you know, after some modifications…

Yes of course such thing can’t be manually done, but I think something can be done for things like Patchers, Keyloggers, and PUP etc…I mean a comprehensive information about them for users as well for trojans/ransomwares/cryptolockers/FakeAV…like a generic text. Something clear and easy to understand, I think Avira is doing great as you see Avira Virus Lab.

Yes :-TU

Yes. Correctly. I meant such information. :slight_smile:

Wow nice this would be a great addition 8) love all the details :-La

Thanks to all who voted - Yes. :-TU

It is visible to very few people interests or don’t understand - what it does or what it’s good for. :-\