Option for auto system shutdown after a scan

I always shut my machines down when I am finished using them. Many times I would like to start a scan and after the scan completed have CIS shut the system down when completed. At the next system startup I would like to see the results displayed so I could take appropriate action.

I shut the systems down for safety reasons and to save electricity.


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And also it should automatic quarantine detected file and forced shutdown when computer is locked.


A most useful idea. I would think that all it needs is a checkbox on:

  • the Scanner Settings > Scheduled Scanning tab
  • the Run a Scan form.

Why don’t you configure your system to hibernate after some time of inactivity ?

You could, of course, always use Window’s shutdown command from start | run| cmd:

shutdown.exe -s -t #### where # is seconds until shutdown; 0060 a minute; 0600 ten minutes; you get the idea.

But … is this a kludge or what? I offer this to show the lengths to which Comodo users must go to get the job done.