optimizer pro virus

New here. Didn’t know where to post this, so here we go.

Apparently I have a virus that is called OptimizerPro that I can not get rid of. All Google searches point to discussion that lead to a download for products that must be purchased. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Also, about the same time I developed stability issues with Google Chrome. Freezes, shuts down, after closing states that it did not shut down properly, etc. Thoughts on THAT?

This topic suggests that it may be able to be removed either through the normal add/remove programs (although you say it is not there) or by using Revo Uninstaller Free. Please let me know if either of those approaches works.

If it does not then we’ll decide what to do next.


The “free” Revo isn’t. Found it through Google. It seems to be an effort to sell the full software Package. May be wrong on that. Maybe you know about this than I do.

Please download Revo Uninstaller Free from this page.

Did it. Thankfully, I have Comodo active, because it caught a piece of MalWare that piggy backed with the download. For now, it appears I had already removed OptimizerPro. Still have problems with Chrome crashing, but that certainly is something else.

Might also be a good idea to run a registry/temporary file scan with Glary Utilities or CCleaner.

With Optimizer Pro, it is Adware, Which is something i commonly deal with. I recommend malwarebytes the free edition, do not enable the trial as it will conflict with your comodo product. https://www.malwarebytes.org/ Do a full scan. I suspect you’ll find a plethora of unwanted applications. Optimizer pro can also be usually removed by going to your control panel, change/uninstall or Add/remove programs, and finding optimizer pro and uninstalling it. Also, Chiron’s answer with Revo uninstaller should work also.