Optimize thread usage

Too much thread usage,i installed comdo firewall and found it to be the most thread using application :-TD
,i tried to change the settings ,thinking that,it would reduce the thread usage,but even if I turn down the security a few notches,the thread usage remains the same :-TD,
memory wise,its good,no problems there :-TU
84 threads in total is unacceptable for a firewall,the maximum thread usage should be 45,the antivirus that I use have to antimalware engines that protect me in real-time+behaviour blocker and it consumes less than 30 threads :-TU,so comdo’s thread usage for a firewall program is too inflated,Cmdagent.exe is the culprit,it alone uses 70 threads >:(,optimize it to use less then 45 :slight_smile:

Hi sanji765, welcome to the forums.

Whilst I know that there is a maximum limit of the amount of threads that can be created on Windows (depending on OS & available memory), a thread count of 70 is insignificant for even for an older/smaller specified system. In addition, the thread count does not equate to high memory load or poor performance anyway, mainly since it depends on how the threads are being created and subsequently used. High memory or CPU load should be easy to detect at the process level.

Did you receive any resource exhausted/insufficient messages?

Useful information: Pushing the Limits of Windows: Processes and Threads [technet.com]

Is your system performance suffering from CIS or are you completely focused on the numbers?

perfomance issues are what prompted me to come here,i observed that if my pc usses less than 628 threads,its super responsive,so i replaced a lot of programs that were high thread using,i even closesed some processes to keep thread usage to minimal and get better perfomance,now i have come to a point that that only thing that i should havve threads decresed in firewall,everything is lean,my average thread usage is 660,even my dual engine antimalware with behviour blocker and bad site protection uses less than 30 threads (it uses 27 threads),so i was wondering why would comodo want to have 70 threads,i just want my system to be as fast as possible,Less threads for me,mean a snapier system :wink:

Thanks for explaining. I was curious to know your motives.