Optical/virtual drive hang up


When I insert a CD or use DAEMON Tools, CD autotarts and shortly my PC is frozen, only mouse moves.
It happens when I use CIS in Proactive Security mode (D+ is paranoid, Firewall is Custum). In this mode only optical/virtual drive hangs up, other hardwares or softwares are working.

In Firewall Security mode (D+ is paranoid, Firewall is Custum) everything works fine. I reinstall my OS 3 times, I change my optical drive to a new, every driver and programs are the latest versions.

I did not use optical/virtual drive since early February, I’m sure I didn’t have same problem with erlier verison of CIS.

OS: Windows XP x64
CIS: 3.8.65951.477 64bit (firewall only, I use NOD32 3.x 64 bit temporarily)

Sorry for my English!


Update: when I insert a pendrvie PC frozes for a while, after it works again.
With blank CD ther’s no problem.

I reinstalled my PC again, I’ve got problem only in Proactive mode, so it’s strange for me.