Optical Drives being blocked by software or Service

Both Optical Drives no longer recognize media when inserted in normal mode.
But if I reboot with XP SP2 CD from Microsoft it will ask if I want to boot from the CD,
Or if I go to Safe Mode it will recognize the CD’s
Or if I use MsConfig Diagnostic Mode it will see the CD’s (not sure if it will auto start)
Or when I installed a minimum fresh copy of XP on D both optical drives worked.

I have tried deleting or diabling most software installed in the last few months. It could be one that I could not or I could have a Service tweeked a little Too Tight. As an example almost every time when changing pages in a thread hear in the forum a popup appears about Secure and Non Secure items.

I tried deleting the optical drives from Hardware Device Manager without any results. Tried several patches with same results.

Tried the suggestion to delete upperfilters and lowerfilters from a registry key only to find that they were missing along with upperfilters.bak and lowerfilters.bak (the last two were not to be deleted).
Even with the New install on D drive both filter keys were still missiing. Does anyone know how to reinstall the filter keys especially the .bak keys.

It could be software but I tend to think it was a security setting in a service?

Thank You for any recommendations.