Opinions needed - Comodo firewall and CPU usage

Hello, I have a very old laptop (Pentium 3 - 700 Mhz, 320 MB RAM) and I was thinking of installing the latest version of Comodo firewall, only the firewall not the antivirus.
If anyone else has similar set up then I’d like to know how’s your CPU usage with the firewall? Does it bog down the PC?


My backup computer is a 450 Mhz Pentium with only 256mb memory. I have the full suite installed and the only thing I notice is that you have to wait for CIS to fully initialize before doing anything. Trying to do things while CIS is starting up, bogs down the computer. After CIS is up and running, I don’t notice it at all.

The firewall is usually lightweight. I have never tried it on hardware comparable to you though.

Just the firewall itself is extremely lightweight. It only takes 4-6 mb of my memory. The entire suite only takes up 10-14.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll give it a try as currently KIS is killing my laptop with high CPU overhead.

My PC is pretty old too (Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz , 1 GB RAM) and I can tell you it’s definitely one of the lightest software firewalls. I also don’t have the antivirus installed.

This is mine after 20 minutes since booting up the PC and the only major internet activity is uTorrent.

[attachment deleted by admin]

i’m running comodo FW&Defense+ version 3.14 build 587 with some xpsM1330 /cpu T9500 / ram : 4GB
I noticed that Defense+ reactivity is better, when u purge the Defense+ now as u have a huge amount of rules, when u clic apply, it takes not very long till the operation ends, with older builds it needed several minutes sometimes, that’s a good improvment.
comodo is very light and i dont notice any lag on my machine, the 2 process use little RAM, 2.5M for cfp.exe and 3MB for cmdagent.exe

My experience with the firewall so far has been very positive. I now have it running for about 2 hours with eMule and the CPU usage is very low, on average I’d say under 10%. Comodo firewall is a much better for old hardware like my laptop so I’ll stick with it.
Thanks everyone for your replies and I hope this will help someone else make the decision whether or not to go with Comodo.

Congrats! (:CLP)

Hey guys!
I am using an old laptop:

Toshiba 220cs
Pentium 1 - 133mhz
64mbs ram

Using TinyXp. It is working nicely. I need to have antivirus and firewall so i can surf the web safely. I need it to be EXTREMELY LIGHT on resources, both memory usage and cpu usage. Would Comodo Firewall free version be a good choice? If not, what would be?
I am thinking about using it with Avira Antivir. I also like ThreatFire, and I heard about Ghost Wall… I need it to access wireless internet connections. What do you think would be the best choices??
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, Tommy.

Based on your very low end-specs, Comodo Firewall might* work, but don’t install the Anti-Virus component as it can consume large amounts of RAM.

If you want to know about the other security programs, please start a new thread in the Other Security Products board. There will be responses in no time.

*Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows → System Requirements:
32-bit Windows 7 /Vista / XP SP2
128 MB RAM → this is the deal breaker. I don’t know if the installer will prevent the actual installation or not, or whether that’s just a disclaimer to show the potential maximum RAM usage with the full Comodo Internet Security package installed.

entire suite takes more than 110MB for me,


Does it stay at 110MB? I keep seeing that that should only occur during updates.

really stays… all the time,

im trying to have support for that but no one answers :S


Are you sure this not the private bytes you are quoting?


[attachment deleted by admin]

im not super sure…

heres a screenshot of what i see…

thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers.
I have came to the conclusion that EVEN IF the firewall would work, it won’t install. I believe the reason is the fact that the installer loads the entire Comodo Internet Security system and it just doesnt run from that point… Almost crashes the system. I have given up hope on using Comodo :frowning:
I still have Comodo FIrewall and Proactive Defense in my other computer (AMD 1.7, 512 ram) as it is a great way of being safe and it is very light to that system :slight_smile:
I will open a thread in the other page I think.

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