Opinions and feed back on BoClean versus ThreatFire

Just like to get some opinions and feed back on your experiences with BoClean and or ThreatFire and which one you prefer and why… I’m currently running Threatfire, was running Boclean 4.25 at one time and had problems with it. I know there’s a new release of BoClean out and have not yet decided if I should give it another go. One reason is ThreatFire has an on-demand scanner and can be tweaked to your comfort zone. I also like the GUI interface with all the bells and whistles. :■■■■

They are 2 different programs. BOClean is an anti malware scanner and Threatfire is a behavior blocker like Comodo’s HIPS. If your using Comodo firewall you do not need Threatfire. I myself do not trust anything made by PC Tools.


Comodo BOClean= Antimalware App.
Threat Fire= HIPS.

With Defense+ in CFP 3 you DON’T need Threat Fire. Defense+ is MUCH more powerful HIPS then TF.


Ummmm…welllllll I already said that. (:NRD)