Opinions about non-Comodo products?

I love the Comodo Firewall.

Until CAVS is out of beta I will be running NOD32. Honestly, as much as I love NOD32 I may never give it up. But I want to run a HIPS product in addition to my antivirus, which means that down the road, CAVS could be the right product for me.

Until then I am thinking about Process Guard (free version) or Safety System Monitor (also free). Both are HIPS applications.

Has anyone run either of these products with CPF? If so, what did you think?



I know there has been a couple of users who have found incompatibilities with Process Guard. Safety System Monitor hasn’t brought up any known issues from other users of CPF.



I’ve been running “spyware terminator” along side CPF and Avira Antivir - all free. Spyware Terminator has HIPS and real-time scan for spyware. I can’t comment on its spyware capabilities yet, as I havent had any infections (I also check with spybot & Ad-aware, extra protection via product blocking from spyware blaster…am I paranoid or what!!!). However, the HIPS bit seems to tick along OK - as far as I know. In anycase I’ve not been bombarded with warnings, only having had a couple. These were when file name extentions were changed during update processes.


I wonder if those users were using Process Guard free version or paid version? Because comparing the 2, I can see absolutely where the paid version would conflict with Comodo’s HIPS. But maybe not the free version. See below.

The free version does the following:
Free…Control Application execution
Free…Protect applications from termination
Free…Protect applications from modification
Free…Protect applications from viewing

Paid version adds:
Block new and changed programs
Protect physical memory
Block Global Hooks
Block unwanted rootkit/driver/service installation
Block registry DLL injection (CoolWebSearch)
Secure Message Handling
Interface Lock

In any case, I am thinking about installing it this weekend when I have some time to play with it.


It does appear to have been the full version of process guard, yes. There is a post here about it:

There are some other posts if you do a search for process guard on the forums, if you feel this may be of any help to you.


With CPF & CAVS I use the follow active security products: PeerGuardian 2, Safety System Monitor 2 (free version) & No conflicts noted so far. Before using CAVS I also used Avast! HE without any issues.

I’ve also tried something called Dynamic Security Agent a few months back & that did conflict… well not exactly conflict… it was just convinced that every was changing all the time (and telling me about it).

Roy: You’re not paranoid, they are out to get you! ;D

2 Question for you:

  1. With CAVS do you find it necessary to have SSM running? I would think that the HIPS in each would give significant overlap. You have already mentioned that they don’t conflict. But are both needed?

  2. I am also considering SSM. SSM looks like it might provide more protection than the free version of Process Guard. But is SSM easy to use? I am not a beginner, but I am FAR from an expert. Probably average skill level. Is SSM a realistic program to run for the average user?

By thr way, thanks for your feedback!

Probably not. I’m just playing with SSM. Somebody else mentioned it. I wanted to know what it did & if it conflicted with CAVS/CPF. But, I believe that when CAVS 2 is unleashed (since HIPS will be much stronger in that version) then I will probably need to stop playing with SSM as the chance of conflict will probably be much higher.

2. I am also considering SSM. SSM looks like it might provide more protection than the free version of Process Guard. But is SSM easy to use? I am not a beginner, but I am FAR from an expert. Probably average skill level. Is SSM a realistic program to run for the average user?

By thr way, thanks for your feedback!

I’m not the best person to ask, since I’ve only been running SSM for 2 days. Also I’m still running it in learning mode. So, I will not be able to tell how good or bad it is, until I switch learning mode off. With every module turned on… it certainly watches everything & reports on some very odd stuff… like changes of state (running/stopped) of Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer (ie. every time my PC plays a sound). This might prove confusing if the user doesn’t know what these components are or if their change of state is a concern or not.

I’ve been running Comodo Personal Firewall and System Safety Monitor together for more than half a year now, without any problems. I use the paid version of System Safety Monitor, but until about two months ago the free and the paid version were the same, so there won’t be too much difference.
I don’t think SSM is hard to use, and it’s extremely robust. I think CPF and SSM together are a very strong defense against almost everything.
Though SSM is not hard to use, I think you really should read the manual. There’s a very good tutorial in it and if you want to know what you do that’s te thing to read.
SSM has a support forum that’s extremely well monitored, even for the free version.


Spyware Terminator has a clouded past.


Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites:


Yes, the past…but after the past comes the present…>





Things can and do change. I have defended this in another topic, why? Because it’s a darn good program. Other softwares have went from bad to good as well, some not so open about it. I am not complaining, just explaining the other side and leaving the opinions to those who may use it up to them. The list could go on about how many have been watching and analyzing this product, and so far no bad results. Perhaps they need a chance to come clean as well. If they didn’t have such a darn good product , I wouldn’ t even glance but it’s good enough to make it without spyware\adware


Like the guy up there said, Spyware Terminator! It’s awesome. :slight_smile:

I think I just read in the forum somewhere that HIPS will be included in cpf 3.

That is true, CPF 3 will have HIPS.

I also use Spyware Terminator, but I had to turn off the HIPS feature. It was popping and alerting on every stinkin’ thing that occurred on my machine, whether allowed or not. Email connects, pop! Run a program, pop! Included w/that every different aspect of the program, if it uses a another dll or something, pop! I got so annoyed with pop! that I thought I was Wisanggeni :slight_smile: (see over here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,599.0.html ) J/K, Wisanggeni; the pops! were burnin’ me up!

It’s kinda slow, IMO, but faster than AdAware, and (I think) easier to use. My favorite, even tho it’s probably not the strongest, is Giant (now Windows Defender). It seems very fast, monitors what’s going on, allows you to interact with controls, providing information about what the app/process is, and doesn’t give too many alerts during normal operations (it alerts if I download/install/run a new app or something, but it’s not near as annoying as the aforementioned…).

The only thing Windows Defender ever found in the year it took up space on my pc was the uninstall dialog box.

LOL, that’s funny! Probably a good thing for it to find! (Mind you, I certainly did not claim it was the best…) CNET doesn’t rate it too badly, though, for the current offering, although there are several they rate better (not that CNET is everything, either).


Have you considered CyberHawk? I’ve been using it with no conflicts with Comodo Firewall or AVG AntiVirus. The only two pop ups I got were for two program I was installing.

I’ll take a look at it. If it pops! on me, I’m uninstalling! ;D

If you really want good protection, and don’t like lots of pop-ups, maybe Prevx1? It’s my choice up until now, and you test the full features until it finds the first malware and removed it ( a real malware). Then it starts the countdown of your license. If you want to continue with it, THEN (at the end of 31 days) you buy it. It won’t hurt trying. Fully compatible with CPF (for me anyway).