Operation Arrowhead(game) triggered buffer overflow warning

Combined Operation(merged install of ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead)

Does anyone else play this same game? And did you get this warning too?

I get the same pop up for some games (age of empires 3, Command and conquer). I just skip them, nothing seems to come of it. I trust that the games will not do any harm.


those alerts are triggered becasue of the way the games mess with the ram. If the programmers of the games would do a better job of it, they would not trigger the alerts. But becasue they don’t you will get them. Just hit ignore and you will be fine.

Thanks for that information.

The problem is that game demands to be run on admin rights. And shellcode injection on app that runs on admin rights that’s often played and hosted online is the worst case scenario.

I also have this with certain actions with M$ Excel 2007 :wink:

If it’s an original game and not some pirated torrent you have nothing to be afraid of. A legitimate game will not damage your system with a malware