Operating System

What is operating system requirement for CMS i.e Android Versions?

Is Android 2.3.6 supported?

Play Store on mobile mentions CMS incompatible with this device.

The original, I believe, was 2.2.
It should work properly under GB 2.3.6
If you are having issues DL’ing from Play Store, DL from these Forums, Naren.

Sent from Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100M running NeatRom Lite 4.3 XWLSD modded (JB 4.1.2)

Why Play Store mention it as incompatible?

Does CMS installation mentions incompatible device if it is not compatible?

We’ve seen this issue previous on the Play Store.
The best suggestion is as above.
Thank you.
Try it and report back.

I downloaded & installed latest CMS & was successful & running light.

Health Check found 3 things, 2 things I know i.e unknown sources & backup.

The 3rd thing, USB debugging is enabled, I think if I process this it will be disabled, right?

Whats USB debugging & should I process this with CMS i.e disable?

If I process the backup, what all CMS backup & where that backup is saved?

In Developer options, you can enable/disable USB debugging.
Please note several applications actually require this enabled in order to function properly. (TB is one).
If you process from CMS, yes, it will disable it. I simply ignore it as I require it enabled.

Any backup CMS creates is stored on the USB (internal SD) drive. If you go into backup, the default is Data backup, but you can select to back up your apps also (option 2 at the bottom of your screen)
If you process the backup as you asked above, you will create a new data backup.
Again, I keep Nandroid backups so I safely ignore this. I also keep my apps backed up separately with TB, stored on my external SD card.

With respect to unknown sources, if you install anything from sources other than the Play Store, do not disable this.
Your AV will still scan and check every app you install, so feel safe with this setting enabled.

I hope this helps you.

Naren, would you please list what phone, FW and Os version you are running, for future reference? Thank you.

If USB debugging is required by some apps, I think CMS should inform the user before processing.

Its my cousin cell, an old mobile. I dont know the model no., its some Samsung Champ, 2.3.6 Version, what do you mean by FW?

And one thing I would like to know, CMS takephoto feature. I tested this & it worked fine but I guess to take the photo of the persons face the mobile should have front camera, am I right? Coz the phone I tested dont have front camera & in the email I got other side photo.

Security wants a front camera, yes. The fallback is the rear camera.
FW = Firmware.
Eg. Mine: JB, 4.1.2 XWLSD.
More specifically, I run NeatRom Lite 4.3 XWLSD, w/ Philz 4.64 XWLSD kernel.
Settings / Phone (or About) gives Android Version (4.1.2) and Build Number (XWLSD) .

I remember in about screen there was software updater & I clicked on it & it asked me to register/log in into Samsung account.

If I register/log in, will I be able to update version or firmware?

Only if running stock FW and Kernel.
Alternative is to try Chainfire’s Triangle Away app. Some have reported it to work with ota updates.

Stock means not upgraded via other than official upgrades or unofficial upgrades, right?

This cell is untouched by such things i.e it is same as it was at the time of purchase.

Stock means as released by the Mfg, no custom kernel, nor custom ROM (this usually is also Odexed).

OK, thanxx for all the info.

Will post here if any help needed.