opera wand

Hi Is opera wand secure enough to store your passwords? Stuart

In my opinion - yes. But I won’t put my bank passwors there. :slight_smile: Just passwords to forums, and stuff like that :wink:

Thanks to all of you

no. its not secure. someone can grap wand.dat in ur comp, use his own opera to open it.

You can set a master password so even if someone grabs your wand.dat no one could use it.

And for convenience, have Wand remember it.

Yeh I’m using it for comodo forum only

Or maybe even make wand.dat a CFP/Defense+ protected file… just remember, you will be warned if an unknown program tries to “grab” wand.dat, but explorer.exe would have access rights (unless you make special exceptions for wand.dat). So if anyone logged in at your system they could easily take wand.dat.

Just my 2 cents…


For forums I allow cookies in Opera, but the result is variable. Hexus, 2xOpera and Tracker just go straight in; Comodo and Avast I have to log in. Have’t tried Wand on them.

i haven’t tried this but i thinkmaster password to protect ACCESSING wand at the CURRENT opera only. so, if someone steal your wand, they can open it easily with another opera.

theres no prevention if somebody actually use ur company. they can terminate/pause protection from comodo or anything else. This makes the difference with password manager and/or form filler app.

though for me, i dun really care. I only concern about my banking info which i never store by wand.