Opera Takes the First Spot in Google's JavaScript Compliance Tests

As everyone is racing to make their browser faster, they easily lose focus of the fact that JavaScript also has to be interpreted accurately, not only fast. So now the new project Sputnik is created to test the number of failures a browser can make.

Being first is Opera with 74 failures, which looks like a lot at first glance, but this is out of more than 5,000 tests in total.
Google Chrome comes in 3rd with 218 failures. Comodo Dragon (just tested myself) has 220.

Please, even though there is no doubt that Opera is the best browser available at the moment, please do not turn this into a “OMG, this ones better” “NOOOOOO !!!, this one” topic.
or did I just do that myself now … 88)

sputnik test site: http://sputnik.googlelabs.com/about
results : http://sputnik.googlelabs.com/compare


Please, even though there is no doubt that Opera is the best browser available at the moment

So help me God.

Who said it? When saying whatever thing is “best”, and in the absence of objective references, whatever statement only reflects the opinion of its author.

On what behalf?

Speed? Probably, but are we in such a hurry?

Security? On what OS have the tests been conducted, under what conditions, could be they reproduced from some user configuration and behavior to another?

Funny enough, Google Chrome is often reported as a “very good” or the “best browser” (or…fastest)
Well, Google is Google: if the privacy concerns are rated with a high coefficient, it shall fail behind almost anything else.

No contest, Opera is a performing and secured browser as compared to IE, but it is a very unfair comparison, and some users, particularly corporate ones, would probably report they have no use of the multiple gagdets included as well in Opera then in Firefox, and thus also make the notation considerably lower if this point also was affected with a high coefficient.

The general consensus is that some things are very good, mean, very bad…, but that no one can objectively tell what is “best” or not.

The right question concerning javascript is not if the compliance is high or not (remember that the most notable failure to w3c standards is due…to IE), but if whatever website should or not force us to javascript when it is not always needed, resulting in useless consumption of ressources and potential security threats: even in Opera or Firefox, if you deny or control javascript, you do not access to some websites, period.

Dear Brucine,

apparently you missed the humorous note there, so I’ve changed it so that it becomes a bit more clear, so that I won’t get any … nevermind. Sorry to bother you with writing such a long, but nice post.

I know that it’s hard to describe what is best… I would say, best is what fits you (the person using the browser) best.


As somewhat of an online writer, the keywords/phrases “best <insert program type> program” are often searched for. Even though the title may not be truthful (the author can’t tell what is the “best”…in most cases, “best” is what fits the user), we still use it to get more traffic.

As for eXPerience’s statement that Opera is the best…he is wrong. ;D ;D ;D ;D

Because Firefox is getting progressively slower at starting up, I’m looking into Chrome. Or Comodo Dragon…