Opera Slow (sometimes Firefox, and IE also) With Comodo

Today, my Opera browser (9.01) was extremely slow with Comodo. When I closed Comodo, and replaced it with the Windows XP, Service Pack 2 Firewall, it was suddenly lightening fast. I’ve always given Opera the consents necessary and/or asked for with Comodo. Any thoughts here. Is this one where it’s ok, to create Opera as a trusted application. My concern is whether there’s risk in doing that because some trojan could hijack the browser. In any event, why should Comodo slow down Opera. It doesn’t always happen, the contrast to the way Opera was performing with Comodo, and then when I closed it, with the Windows firewall was (:AGY)
dramatic. I’ve also noticed times when Firefox and IE7 seem very slow, and am concerned that Comodo is causing that. Any suggestions on what could be the problem. And whether it would help to create trusted applications for these browsers.

Can you please describe more about the slowness you observe? When does it happen? While opening the applications? While first connecting to the Internet? After typing the URL? Or when exactly?



Please do the following,

1 - Security - Application Monitor

You should have/set something like this set:
Destination: [Any] | Port:[ Any] | Protocol: TCP/UDP In/Out | Permission: Allow

Now, it you D-click on that to properly view it settings, it should be like this:
Application/Parent Application
C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe [Specify a parent]

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Direction: In/Out

Destination IP: Any
Destination Port: Any

2- Miscellaneous: “Skip advance security checks” - check/mark this box ONLY

Try option #1 and if you’ve already have that set already and dosen’t help? then try option #2

I’m also using Opera and this is what I’ve on my settings and i don’t encourter any low speed whilst browsing or sort

Hope this helps


While I usually use Firefox to access the Comodo forum, I sometimes use Opera instead…in fact, I am using it now…and I see no difference between the speeds of the two browsers in using these sites. For what it is worth, I am using a “slow” DSL connection (nominally around 256 kb/s, but often quite a bit faster. I am using CPF 2.3.5. 8)

No decrease in speed on Opera, Firefox, Maxthon or IE with or without CPF. Using default settings on v2.3.5.62…

The only thing different from default is I added one network rule for utorrent.

i observed slower loading pages in firefox with default rules
with CPF off loading pages was normal

i add firefox as permited application (allow all internet activities …) and its works better … - dont sure if its work fine - but is its maybe my schizophrenia only :))