opera sandboxed

If I don’t usually install programs would running opera permanently sandboxed (untrusted) offer more protection? Current setting AV stateful, FW safemode, D+ safemode, auto sandbox untrusted & proactive security.

I wouldn’t neccesarily run it in untrusted but something a bit lighter “Restricted is fine” and Limited is ok as well,

It will give you more protection. Here is an example

Method 2: Always run your WEB browsers in COMODO Sandbox by adding them to Sandbox pemanently. And while doing this, make sure File system and registry virtualization are both enabled. If you do this and accidently get gpcode or something like gpcode or actually any virus from WEB, they will be running in a virtual file system and hence they can not acess your files or folders.


And like Jacob said “Untrusted” might be too restricted. You might have some problems.

Untrusted & restricted both increase the rendering time of opera significantly. D+ flags quite a few actions with limited so is partially limited any use compared to not running opera in the sandbox?

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Yes. The manual Sandbox offers Virtualizattion. The Automatic sandbox does not.

That is why in that link eggman (head developer of CIS), suggests it. Virtualizzation is just a strong prevention mechanism that it will come in the the AS in CIS 6. :slight_smile:

I too had some problems in the MS in “limited”. Could not copy/paste in the browser.

What i did was starting using the MS in “partially limited” in a limited account. No more problems and basically the same protection than using “limited” in the MS.

Whether you will use the limited account or not, keep using the MS for better protection (even in “partially limited”)

PS- Remember when you download something the files goes to “C:\vritualroot”. Here are some links, if you have the patience :wink: