Opera or Firefox cannot access any pages even when allowed [Resolved]

I get a popup asking to allow or not when I started Opera and then Firefox. I chose to allow, but they cannot load any page at all. Once I turn off comodo firewall, they can access all sites. When I turn comodo back to ‘custom’ and make sure both opera and firefox are set to be allowed, they can’t access any site. Opera just keeps a blank page, firefox complains that connection can not be established. Please help… I went to options for allowing these programs and set to maximum allowed settings… I have win2k pro. thanks!

2.4? Can you post screenshots of your rules? Did you block anything, even if you think it’s not related (it could be related to ABA)?
Also, when something doesn’t work, check the logs.

Thanks - I checked the log and it turned out Avast webshield was the culprit. I changed rules for it to allow invisible connections and now it works! Yay! Thanks a bunch.

(:CLP) Pedro’s ingenious ideas (:NRD)

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