opera on defense plus alert

I dont know if this is normal, can you please take a look at the log?? why is opera always on the defense+ alert? ( i have checked monitor direct access to keyboard, screen. So i guess that could be the reason) but does opera need to access those cause I block them every time there is a pop up and opera still functions, so I dont know what is the reason behind this and can anyone who uses Opera tell me if it happens to them too ?

and is there a way for opera.exe to be infected?? cause i checked the path it does belong to opera, but why does it need to access the keyboard, monitor and most importantly \RPC CONTROL\ntsvcs?

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

why do you keep blocking the D+ requests? let Opera do what it has to do.
i don’t exactly know what the RPC CONTROL\ntsvcs but a lot of my programs need acces to it and it is a safe action.

put D+ in Training Mode and run Opera. After, put D+ back in its previous mode.

oh cause messages like… accessing keyboard will gain your password, accessing monitor will get screenshots. since i dont see why opera needs that i block it everytime.

opera is a safe app so let it access what it needs to. it’ll cause more problems when blocking safe actions. still, stay cautious of your D+ alerts :wink: