opera memory leak?


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WOW :o its opera 11 alpha
i know its a alpha but wow !

Its not just Opera 11 Alpha, I also had these high RAM usages back in v10.70 and ever since I started using Opera in Win 7 x64 fortunately it doesn’t eat much into the 8 GB of RAM the computer has. Although I’ve never seen anything as high as you’re getting at 360k+ RAM.


Still the same in beta! >:(



I thought it was Firefox that was allways troubled with memory leaks :a0

Many tabs open when you reach that figure DarkenCypher? Plus whats Opera 11 like as a whole, isnt there supposed to be some new killer feature or is that more marketing cowdung :wink:

p.s. Not having a go at Opera, they all do it!


I think i had like 8 open.

That depends on if you consider speed a feature. Opera has owned the fastest browser title at Peacekeeper for some time.


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Newbies? People must realize that 300MB of RAM is Nothing… especially not these Days

Why any People test Alpha/Beta Software? Wait and see the Final! From Opera always come very good Software & btw Opera has the best Memory Management of all Browsers.

Well for one i am not a newbie and 300 MB of ram is ridiculous even if i do have 3 GBs of ram no web browsers should use that much.
The reason people test Alpha/Beta software is to find bugs if you knew anything you would no the final wouldn’t be as smooth if there were still bugs from the alpha. And as Maxxwire posted this is a reqccuring problem.

Your Post is ridiculous…

To post Bugs is the other Side. But its 100%! normal that an Browser use 300MB of RAM! Many Plugins, many Tabs and 300MB is fast consumed… Flash/Java has an very high RAM Usage ,300MB is only the Beginning.

3GB RAM? Unused RAM is useless RAM… why u have 3GB when u are worry about 300MB for a Browser? oO

I have test Opera 11 Beta on WinXPx32/x64 ,Win7x32/x64

after 1st Start: 26,74MB used
after 2nd Start: 12,68MB used

On all OS the Ram Consumption nearly the same [at] my Machine

I never said i was worried about it i just that it was wierd but its funny how i can have twice as many tabs open in firefox and maybe use half of the ram opera uses right now im at half a gig of ram just for opera…im not worried about it at all but some people don’t have as much ram as you or i.

+1. Opera 9.64 was the last of the ram friendly Opera

It isn’t normal here I’ve never had other browsers much over 100mb. More ram used, causes more heat and energy. The more energy used the shorter battery life for Laptops and higher greenhouse effects. With all the technology out there these days you would expect programs to able to be more effecient. If one browser can do the same tasks as another with half the ram usage it does make you wonder why. Kind regards.

Agreed! Any browser using 300MB isn’t going to be a browser I’ll ever use… Even when running Firefox, (never known to be easy on the RAM) I’ve never seen more than 60MB. And my Firefox installation has lots of extensions and I tend to open lots of tabs.

For the last couple of weeks though, I’ve been running Comodo Dragon which uses about twice as much RAM.

??? the personal adjustment is not very good here.

again: unused Ram is useless Ram < think about it

People need to understand ,what an Browser is…

Browsers work with Data they will receive ,and there is a lot of Data to handle. This Ram Consumption is the Result of the Content of the Internet. No browser is responsible for it ,and the Data can not be suppressed simply… the Data are present and will not be less ,ergo > more Ram/CPU Consumption.

The same with all Browsers…

Then why do we not see this across all browsers?

once i try the firefox beta and it was a ram eater (500mb+)
im not saying its bad, its a beta and i suppose all memory is for debugging purposes
A beta of a program is instended for testings, not for general use
the stable 3.6 is using only 126mb

Previously it was 600MB+ using just “4 tap” as it was posted by you … meaning “Tabs”

Now it’s less (how many tabs now?)

That was a bit of topic in the thread referred below, but anyway …

It seems like you are not testing the stuff properly

see Trojan from Cracked.com

Again - 500MB+ or as it was before 600MB+ - that’s not true

My regards

I use Opera 11 alpha and I have 6 tabs opened.
I run Task Manager and I see:


That seems to be quite appropriate & much less than reported before re: Opera’s alpha,
but my comments were about Firefox latest beta & incorrect figures posted by kinemitor twice already in different threads

I have to disagree. All browsers use different amounts CPU/RAM on all systems. Different browsers are even optimised for certain systems. Some use different methods for memory caching. Some release memory in a different way. Some use available memory differently. The way data is processed is different in certain layout engines. Some browsers are more compatible with certain sites than others. Some pure and simply have memory leaks and memory use can slowly increase with the browser just sitting idle. Some browsers use certain plugins in a more or less effecient manner than others. Just general coding will affect memory use. The list of reasons could go on and on. Please note this is just my opinion on browser memory use. Kind regards.

In my case Opera browser 10.63 xp sp2 x64 eight tabs open(all comodo forum) uses 81 mb.
With one more tab open with flash video running 170 mb memory consumption.

Todays web pages with Flash,Java,HTML5,JavaScript are consuming more and more ram.
I use urlfilter.ini with a combination of Fanboy’s ad Tamil’s ad blocking(both full ad blocking
filters and tracking filters) to reduce ads and ram consumption.

One more is optimized element filter(fanboy-adblocklist-elements-v3.css) is used with
urlfilter.ini to remove blank spaces made by ads.

The best way to help Opera developers is to report any problems with the browser using
bug report wizard at Bug report wizard - Opera Software

Also if anybody has web sites issues also report them through the bug wizard.

Please remember that Opera 11 Beta is not yet a finished product and as any software
has bugs and unfinished features.