Opera email

I began using Opera as my browser a few hours ago. I never thought I’d say this but, it beats the heck out of Firefox, anyhow, Comodo, won’t let my Opera email connect with my other OPO accounts. Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo, etc. I went to the trusted application tool and entered Opera as allowed , clicked “OK” but nothing is working and I get a pop-up every 5 seconds from Comodo, with an error report … saying my passwords and such arn’t recognised by the different email clients … help !

Hi and welcome, :slight_smile:

I’m using CFP and Opera for both browsing and email here, so I’m sure your problem can be sorted out. Can you please be more specific, what popups do appear? Maybe you’d like to post some screenshots. Also you meant POP instead of OPO?

If the popups talk about incorrect password, they must be from Opera itself. Maybe your POP accounts are not properly configured in Opera, maybe the servers, ports, authetification method, etc., are wrong. If you’re told about incorrect password, I’d bet on a wrong authentification method. Leaving that on Auto should work though. The easiest way to make POP accounts work in Opera if you were using another client before is using the import feature (Tools > Mail and chat accounts… > Add… > Import e-mail) rather than configuring it manually. Otherwise if you must enter them manually the details are provided by each email service, but here you are:

Yahoo (if your address ends in [ at ] yahoo.com, the servers are different for [ at ] yahoo.es, [ at ] yahoo.it, etc.):


Just the same, but the servers are pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com

I might be wrong, but I think they don’t facilitate POP access, unless for Outlook exclusively and after installing a plugin.