Opera Browser

After installing Comodo firewall, my Opera Browser quit working. I cannot access the internet unless I disable the firewall. I like your firewall. It was working with a previous version of comodo firewall. If you could please help, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

When you installed, did you choose the “auto” mod?
Have you scanned for known applications in CPF? Security/tasks.
I have Opera 9.02 and it works fine.
You can look in application monitor and see if there is a block on Opera. Remove it in that case.
Have you changed anything in Network monitor?
Go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck “do not show any …” second from the top.
Now you will get pop ups from applications certified by comodo, so you will see if there is something wrong with Opera. If nothing works, I think it’s better to reinstall Opera than CPF.
Let us know how it goes.