Opera and CPF page access

Since installing CPF I experience difficulty with sites in Opera. Very frequently I have to try to get an url twice. E.g. I type in www.url.com and then Opera displays:

“The address is not available from this machine.”

I am able to get to the page eventually be reloading the page. I set CPF to allow everything of Opera and this is not fixing it. When I try the same page in FF or IE there are no problems at the first shot.

Anybody suggestions how to solve this, or what causes the issue?

I don’t recall whether or not CPF considers Opera trusted by default (should if you ask me ;))

I haven’t used Opera so much lately, but i did now to see if i had the problem as well, but i didn’t…
In fact, Opera loads the webpages faster than FF and IE7…
I’ve had the same feeling that you have that sometimes i have to load pages twice before i can see them, but that’s with FF and IE7.
I have tried several adresses now with Opera, and it works better than the other browsers…
I don’t know if it’s CPF that causes anything about this.
Have you updated Opera to the latest? I did it before writing this, and as i said, it works great for me.
Sorry that i couldn’t help.

Yeah, I’m using the latest version.

Sorry that i couldn’t help.
No worries, it is so random as well. It might take all day until at a point it hits.