Opera and Comodo

I am having a problem using Opera; mainly the VPN built in to Opera. I never did this before, but is there a way to tell Comodo Firewall to not block anything remotely associated with Opera? What is happening is when I launch Opera the VPN feature says “Connecting” forever until I turn off everything about Comodo. Then I relaunch Opera and the VPN connects and I can select other countries and the change takes effect right away.

But Comodo I believe blocks that and then I resort to just turning off all the features in Comodo to make it work.

Using Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. Using Comodo Firewall free version

Check the firewall logs to see if anything is being blocked then try switching to alert incoming connections using the stealth ports task located in firewall tasks. FWIW I have no trouble using the Opera VPN on Windows 7 with the firewall set to block incoming connections.