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I’d like to try opera instead of IE7 as even my bt browser is faster! What I do like about IE is the ablilty to add on mcafee site advisor and such what similar features can be added to opera? I do know FF allows SA but I don’t particularly like FF. Perhaps oneday comodo could launch their own browser? thanks Lyn

Opera runs a white/blacklisting system via its own servers. There aren’t ‘extensions’ as such for Opera, but most of FF’s extensions are native in Opera.
The Info panel gives a lot of details about a secure site as well.

At the right of the Address Bar is a ? or ! which, when clicked, goes to Opera Trust (funnily enough, there’s not ? or ! on this site - just some strange Comodo thingy).

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That yellow tag and the lock indicate a SSL encryption certificate and will also show the name of the issuer (Comodo Certificate Authority in this case). You can still click perform fraud scans, automatically or on demand, in encrypted sites.

Most third-party vendors don't support Opera because of its limited user base (that's already changing now), but (like IE7...) Opera includes a built-in antiphishing feature that relies on [url=http://www.geotrust.com/]GeoTrust[/url]'s TrustWatch and community-based [url=http://www.phishtank.com/]PhishTank[/url]. But the databases aren't that extensive, actually in my opinion anti-phishing tools won't ever be as effective as a minimum user awareness and sensibility.

Opera is designed to have all the features you may want (including feed reader, mail/chat/newsgroup client, torrent client…) built-in, without becoming bloatware. For small handy apps you also got the Opera widgets.

How do you know what pop ups are blocked and what sort of site protection you have got ?

Well, I run ususally on ‘Block unwanted popups’ (just click on a button to change through ‘Open all’ or ‘Block all’.
If a popup is blocked, a little box, er, pops up at bottom left; clicking on it will open the popup.

If a site is ‘known bad’ Opera will tell you and offer the option of opening it.

Obviously no software can stop everything - brainpower is far better (if there’s some intelligence and common sense in the mixture).

(Turing Test: when the computer can’t tell if the user is human or not).

Well that little box doesn’t appear so how would I know if anything is blocked? I’ve set it to block unwanted popups

  1. In the addy bar, type opera:config and press Enter
  2. Type pop in the search field
  3. Enable Show Notification For Blocked Popups by clicking in the square box
  4. Click the Save button
  5. You may have to restart Opera to make it effective

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here is an easy way to make life more simple try this web site you can pick any buttons download and they will be in your perfrence, just click on them and they will be on top of your browse.


There’s also already a thread in this forum on customizing Opera: https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t12813.0.html

To view blocked popups I’m supposed to click on the trashcan yet this don’t work! Tried opera config ende up on some polish opera site!!!