Opera 9.63 not recognized as trusted vendor

I searched the forums but couldn’t find an answer to this question:

I just installed CIS .468, and applied the proactive security policy (safe mode for D+, that is). When I launch Opera 9.63, CIS does not recognize the executable and asks whether or not I would like to allow access to DNS Client Service. This seems a bit odd since “Opera Software ASA” is included in the trusted software vendors by default. No threatcast advice was avaliable.

Why is this? Doesn’t Opera have a digital signature/certificate? Why is Opera Software included in the trusted vendors in that case?

I think that the Opera installer is signed, but not the installed opera.exe

Ask JoWa, he knows all about this (surely also a few others). (:WIN)

Ah, now that you mention it, I remember having read something like that a long time ago. Ok, fair enough. But the same thing happens with Google Earth for example (with Google being a default trusted software vendor). And no Threatcast ratings turn up for neither Opera nor Google Earth (among others).

I guess there are other threads discussing this in general so I’ll go look elsewhere, but thanks for your reply!

Google Earth 5 is not signed. Only the installer is signed by Google Inc. :frowning:

Most vendors don’t bother to sign most of their files nowadays. :frowning: But I think this is going to improve sooner or later. :slight_smile:

Confirmed; I checked it.

I guess with apps like Comodo and others and last but not least Windows User Account Control flagging signed or unsigned files it will be a slow march in the right direction.