Opera 9.52+ has been released

Running nice and clean → Totally Opera ;D


Anyone here have WMP10 and have this problem in Opera 9.51? I have that problem with Opera 9.50 (IE6 works fine), but I’m not a browser beta tester :-[, so don’t know if this release fixes it.

Update: Just installed 9.51 beta 10071 and I still have problems streaming audio that’s supposed to be WMP embedded. It instead brings up the old WMP 6.4 (none of the functions except the volume control works, meaning it’s completely useless), which is odd because I removed it and it’s supposed to call upon WMP 10 like IE 6 does.

Slew of bugs remain, but the only one left that “bugs” me is the content blocker’s case sensitivity >:(

I guess that bug is by design ;D

I still cannot play embedded veoh videos if the url of the container page has a lot of additional parameters (eg index.php?param=1&arg=2)

It can’t be. It definitely would not make sense because in a past version (don’t remember), devs have fixed the very same bug. Also, it is a bug because I cannot add both entries using different cases. Example:


It’s either one or the other; Opera doesn’t allow me to add both 88). To me at least, it’s a security issue since I rely on the content block not just to block ads, but to serve as a blacklist of bad sites.

It’s true. they could fix it the wrong way though ;D

I attemped to post a comment on their blog months ago.
I guess it was simply ignored.

what about submitting a bugreport?

Someone already did according to one of the earlier 9.51 blogs

Maybe that was my comment but I never submitter a bugreport ???

Ugh. You’re tiring me out. Now I have to search for that bug # to convince you it’s already submitted :stuck_out_tongue:

In 2006 CB was not case sensitive Opera Desktop Team's Blog | Opera

reports other issue about content blocker

It’s definitely in between those 2 timeframes. I just have trouble remembering the key word to search for it.

Found it, but I was wrong. I thought it was in the blog (:SHY):

Home | Opera forums → They submitted the same bug more than once to be sure

Thanks :-TU

At least it looks the issue is pendiing. So there is hope the content blocker will be case insensitive.

Testing 9.60 ATM ref: Opera Desktop Team's Blog | Opera

I was able to add both

I there a site with a mixed case URL to test?

It can be any site, actually. Instead of finding one that has upper cased letters (which are fewer than most), simply add an entry in lower case and test to see if that works.

Example: http://www.bestdownload.com/
I know that adding /pagead/ to the Content Blocker works. How about trying /Pagead/ to see if that works?

I think I'm not going to beta test Opera from now on, unless it contains something really useful or worthy.

I added http://www.Bestdownload.com/ and it didn’t work. still case sensitive

Once that bug is resolved, it’ll be clearly in the change log.

Should I change the thread title to 9.60 now? And do it every time a new version comes out?

It’s an unofficial version. Kinda like 9.52++ ;D

Besides most post still target 9.52 (including mine :P)

I forgot what the new rules are: like if version 10 comes out, do we continue on with the same thread or… ???

I guess there are no rules. :cry:

9.52 runs fine here. I notice no difference to 9.51 though, other than the accessing of the Gmail login page which comes directly now. In 9.51 I had to click the link (or go to the address) twice, in order for the page to load. ???