opera 12.10 and comodo site

Anybody having this problem with opera 64 bit (win7) not displaying the comodo website correctly? IE 32 & 64 are fine also 32 bit opera on xp.

Where is it different? Can you show a screenshot?

Lovely isn’t it?

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Tested with 12.10 64-bit on a virtual W7. No issues. Tested http and https.

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No such problem here using Opera 12.10. 32-bit

Doh! ignore me, you just wanted to know about 64-bit.
Sorry about that.

I have had problems with opera before not uninstalling correctly and two different versions installed together ie 12.10 1651 1652. Tried acers erecovery from program files still opera displays poorly now trying restore from my discs I originally made.

That looks like Opera with images disabled (sometimes when accidentally hitting a certain shortcut this can happen; it happens to me sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ).

To solve it push the Opera button and choose Choose menu bar. Then go to View -->Images → then select Show images. That should do the trick. When needed reload the page. Let us know if that worked out for you.

I don’t think a clean installation of Opera will be necessary for as far as I understand your situation.

On a a side note. When uninstalling Opera it will by default leave behind the profile information including Preferences. The current installers provide the option to also delete profile information for you.

If you want to delete the profile information manually on XP after having uninstalled Opera not completely you can find the profile folders in:
c:\document and settings%username%\Application Data\Opera
c:\document and settings%username%\Application Data\Local Settings\Opera.

Thanks eric but I’m already loading my restore discs. BTW I loaded 3 bit opera on this machine same result. Just had a mess with my xp version looks like I had it in user mode what an idiot I am! Ah well my girlfriends sick so I can use restoring my pc as an excuse not to be at her waiting whim.

Please don’t restore your computer for a problem that is in Opera’s settings or could be solved by a clean installation of Opera. That is too much work for something that can be solved relatively easy.

I urgently beg you not to restore your computer to factory defaults for this.

Does this problem happen when you directly surf to the Comodo pages or when you open a session?

It was localized to comodo

It was not related to opening a session with the Comodo page?The reason for asking is that with the test builds for 12.0 there was a problem where complete sessions would not show images when loaded.

Also try cleaning Opera’s cache and restarting Opera.

I have heard of Opera. Is it any good?

I have only been using it since 2003 so it must be doing right… 8) :a0

What I like about Opera is that is always a fast browser with a lot of useful functions hard coded in it factory default form. Functions that other browsers only will have when adding them with extensions.

One of the things I truly like is called mouse flips where you use the right and left mouses button to navigate through browser history. Other things that come to mind are right click menus have a lot of functions, UI is very customisable, functions are very customisable, session manager and many things I probably forget because I hardly use another browser…

If you want to learn more about Opera’s capabilities you may like this blog post by Haavard from Opera QA:What are the features that define Opera?.

Obviously I had done something to my os or opera because restore with my discs have sorted issue. Maybe it was a combination of several uninstalls and reinstalls of opera and cis anyway happy now. Thanks Eric for taking interest in this.