Opera 11.5 searching for CFP.exe

I thought it was a Opera problem, the moderator of the Opera forum told, that the CFP.exe is not used with the new Opera 11.50 Version.

The Problem is hat if you start Opera.exe it won´t start until it finds the “Cfp.exe”. The moderator of the Opera forum said, to reinstall comodo??? Do you have any idea what this could be…there are more people out there with the same problem

I use Windows 7 Prof. SP1

Comodo Internet Security 5.5.195786.1383
Opera 11.50

Opera user here. That is a truly odd situation you are in. Can you describe in more detail under what circumstances you get the message and what it says? Can you also post a screenshot of the message you get??


Translated: “Couldn´t find CFP.exe Please Click for “Watching” or search by yourself for the file”

It happens after klicking “opera shortcut on the desktop”

After a few Seconds, the next screen shows up


"The element, has moved or has changed. The Shortcut is no longer working. The nearest possible match is “C:\Programme Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Cfp.exe”

Do you want to correct? Delete? Cancel?"

You have to click a few times Cancel and the message is no more and opera starts up.

Can you show a screenshot of the Properties of the Opera shortcut? See attached image.

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I have never seen anything like this. Try running a couple of registry cleaners to see if that may be solves it. I recommend Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and Auslogics Registry Cleaner.

What happens if you move the shortcut to the recycle bin and make one yourself? Does the same thing happen?

I don´t use reg Cleaner, i searchead for myself in the reg, both opera and comodo installed correctly. Do you try Reg Cleaner???

After deleting and “cleaning” in the most points you have more problems then before…

What i find really strange is that you have the newest CIS and Opera 11.5 like i do…so you don´t have these problem or do you have any other versions or running systems ? this miystery came withe the Opera update 11.5 after finishing the update, running the first time opera (automatic after installation) the search started…other user tell the same in opera forum …

Edit: Shortcut deleting and creating makes no difference even if you start the original opera.exe

The mentioned cleaners are pretty safe and will automatically make back up before cleaning.

Try installing Opera in another folder and see if the problem also happens with the second version. Are you familiar with how to do a clean install of Opera?

I have Opera and CIS side by side for 4 years now and have never seen this problem. I install snapshots alongside stable installs. Your problem is truly one of a kind. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it.

Ok to be fair…

The clean installation of opera didn´t help and i don´t want such cleaner, so reinstalled the CIS with all its long time get updates an right lines for the programs…

but it worked…

I don´t get it, but i deinstalled opera, did a “CLEAN” Install, the Opera FAQ way and the Problem still existed, i deinstalled CIS and it worked, no search any more…didn´t get behind it…but after days of searching and reading there is a point where you get disappointed and try everything…even if it seems to be senselles…Anyway it is still a mystery and i know it came with the opera update…

thanx for your effort