Opera 10 beta [CLOSED]

New release today - all downloads here:

What the biggest benefits you’ve noticed since 10? I’m still with 9.63.

For me it was the integrated seamless spellcheker that allow me to slightly reduce my abysmal typo rate :-[

Anyway some existing userjs were broken by the alpha :cry:

I think the change log included 100% acid 3 test, so that does mean web pages will look better (:LOV)?

I guess so, unless they are badly coded, which might be the case. :-\ Opera is already very good at standards I think but of course 100% is 100%. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the same as with Windows.

Windows must be improved not the software.

Pages must be improved not the browsers.

I installed v 10 Alpha (build 1139) yesterday (as shown in a screen shot). I like it very much, although, I notice almost no difference at all to my regular Opera 9.64. It’s actually slower in some aspects, e.g. opening new tabs, maybe also when scrolling in heavy pages. I guess they can tweak the performance a bit.

One important improvement for me: This new build handles my outgoing Gmail messages better. Opera 9.64 always removes blank rows, which is very bad. Here’s how a Gmail message would look when sent from Opera 10:

Hi dude,

This is a test of typing something.


In Opera 9.64 however it would look like

Hi dude, This is a test of typing something. Regards, LA

despite that I type exactly as shown in the first quote. So I look forward to Opera 10 due to this reason. Anyone has an idea why else I would look forward to Opera 10? :-La :slight_smile:

:o 1139 is from December!

Install 1497! :-La

1497 is already very mature IMO.

How’s this possible, I downloaded via the big button here;

Why don’t they have the latest release on the website? ???

Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

After the Alpha first appeared, I tried it for a couple of weeks then set it up as my main browser.
It was, right from the start, useable and reliable - better than Betas of many apps.

I have been using Opera 10 Alpha and subsequent updates as my default browser since it was released. It is very stable for an Alpha and even a beta release. The alpha phase will focus on the engine where the beta phase will focus on new features.

Since you are the adventurous types as you use test builds try the snapshot, formerly known as weekly builds, from Opera 10. They can be had from the blog of the Desktop Team: Opera Desktop Team's Blog | Opera .

Leoni please try the latest snapshot. Did you install on top 9.64 or import the opera6.ini from 9.64? That’s not recommended.

One of the interesting new features of Opera 10 Alpha after the initial alpha release are the program updater and an integrated crash logger. Apart from this the engine got more stable and tuned of course.

There is also being worked on a new skin by John Hicks that may be released with the beta.

Thanks for the information.

I’ll go ahead and install the latest one (have just finished cleaning up after the old 1139 build).

No, it wasn’t on top of 9.64, it was separate. And no, I didn’t import anything. I was tempted to do so but I realized it probably would be a possible source of problems, so I customized v 10 from scratch - although I tried to copy and paste some lines from my old toolbar ini file, it didn’t work out well though.

OK, now I’ve installed the 1497 build and it seems to run fine. Classic installer and profile folder located in the Opera installation folder (i.e. one user account settings). I’ve thrown out 9.64 and now I only have this alpha browser (along with IE8 in rare cases).

I’ve customized it so the GUI and settings are exactly the way I want. It’s all a piece of art! :slight_smile: I notice one bug however, pressing Ctrl+Z doesn’t work (I use it when I close tabs by accident and I want to restore them). I have to go to the Edit menu and chose ‘Undo’. :cry:

I tried the ctrl+z option but can’t reproduce it here on Win 7 RC. Rename the opearprefs.ini to operaprefs.ini.bak when Opera is not running (look up the path under Help → About Opera) and start Opera again. It will be back to factory defaults; see if the problem occurs again (notice that the old opera6.ini is now called operaprefs.ini).

Update: I simply restarted the browser, making no changes at all, and consequently it worked as expected. :-TU

Thanks anyway.

Siccccck oneee :slight_smile:

Any rough estimate on how long until the final release?

It is not officially beta yet, but since beta is in the version number in the About information they are most certainly heading for it.

As for a rough estimate for the final release I would say not before September and may be later.The beta phase is for testing out new functionality that will come with Opera. Judging by the time it took for 9.5 to go final I would say don’t hold your breath on a quick release.

If the Beta forum is correct, the Beta is out tomorrow ;D

It’s here!


That had me go to the beta forum straight away… quiite some buzz going on i When will be the beta release of opera 10 alpha?.

I think it will be there W.I.R… (:WAV) (:KWL) (:NRD)