OpenVPN configuration

I’m trying to set up an OpenVPN network. This installs a virtual NIC that must not be firewalled. How can I achieve this?

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It all depends, I’m not familiar with OpenVPN but can you try to explain a bit more about what you want to achieve with this setup ? Are you looking for a Remote access solution ? or Site2Site vpn’s ? SSL/IPSec ?

Normally any host can be (partially) firewalled, even with VPN solutions.

Hello pszwarc!
I’m using OpenVPN too.
Only suggestion is to write down Rules, that Allow Any from/to TAP-Win32 Adapters MAC address.
Or (if you know IP address range of OpenVPN Network) make Allow Any From/To OpenVPN IP Range.
So for now, COMODO cann’t set Rules based on Network Adapter (real or virtual)

I’m not really familiar with OpenVPN either, to tell the truth. I’m just trying to set up a secure remote access to my LAN so I can use my files when I’m on the road (usually from a client’s PC), without having to log in through a “foreign” server such as LogMeIn. I’m contemplating SSL because it’s simpler (for me at least) to set up. A solution like Hamachi isn’t acceptable because it would require installing a permanent link on the client’s machine.

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I do know the IP range for the VPN (I’m creating the darn thing, so I’d better ;))

I do know the IP range for the VPN (I'm creating the darn thing, so I'd better )
But still I think more secure way is to create Rules based on MAC-address of TAP-Adapter Open console window (Start-Run-cmd) type "ipconfig /all" without quotes and hit "Enter" You'll see a list of NICs with their config. Also you'll see an Ethernet-adapter with description "TAP-Win32 Adapter V9" You should look at Physical address (looks like 00-FF-xx-xx-xx-xx) - that is MAC address After that create Rules based on that MAC ;)

Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: