OpenOffice Updates unrecognized files!...

My only difficulty with your AV. Each time I have to upgrade OpenOffice (from the installer) I am confronted with the unrecognized files system. I have my sandbox set to BLOCKED and HIPS in Safe Mode. I have to go through add this file to trust files and click OK. It sure works, but would it be more simple to put Apache and Open Source in the Trusted Vendors. Also OpenOffice 4.1.1 is detected as a threat, a Cloud Trojan which is a FP of course. Would it be possible to correct that guys???
Many thanks for your time. 88)

you will have to submit the false positive here:

and to get files whitelisted submit them here:

I knew that! I mean do we have to go through all this “crucifix” for every “legitimate” application??? Seems to me openoffice and libreoffice are “legitimate” applications

Why go through all this mess each time they create a new version?

Because the files you mention are probably not digitally signed.

Please, do submit the file as this might improve detection.