OpenOffice problem

Printing is not working again. I added rule that it is Installer/Updater, and it worked for some time. But now it doesn’t help. scalc.exe goes to sandbox every time and printing doesn’t work (and many other function). >:( :cry: ???
Why “Don’t Isolate” option doesn’t work? It just don’t do what it says. It’s idiotic. Make it work and stop that nonsense. And add such common applications as trusted.

Did you enable :
Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox
Automatically trust files from trust installers
in Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > Sandbox settings

If no, please enable them and give to the open office’s exe files the status of installer/updater. This way, they won’t be sandbox anymore.
Do the same for the other files which get sandboxed though you’re sure they are safe.

They are enabled.
Sorry, i was wrong describing situation.The issue is with LibreOffice. OpenOffice works fine with same rules.

You should take a kook at the FAQ below;msg461549#msg461549

If it doesn’t solve your problem, maybe consider filling a bug report?