OpenOffice or LibreOffice

Which one is good, OpenOffice or LibreOffice for average users & expert users?


LibreOffice is a fork of, so they are very similar.

LibreOffice is being actively developed, while has not been updated since January (version 3.3.0).

So LibreOffice is my choice and recommendation. :wink:

LibreOffice is what most of the Linux distributions are now using for that reason.

They do not differ by much in functionality for either average users or expert users…(at least for now)

Only difference is how they are licensed…and a few that you can find in Document Foundation site.

Yeah, I heard OpenOffice has stopped commercial development. Seems like Libre is a viable solution.


Considering most of the lead developers moved from Open to Libre when Oracle took over i would say Libre is the one with as brighter future. If you get Libre get 3.4.3
Saying that i`m happy with Microsoft Office :stuck_out_tongue:


Downloaded portable latest Libre. Thanxx for the info frds.