OpenOffice entries in Firewall

Today I saw may entries of OpenOffice in Firewall (see screenshot)

What does this mean? In the last days there were not such entries…
What to do? Firewall should have asked but my girl frient was on PC, so dont know what popups exactly come

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I would imagine it’s checking for updates but you missed off half the log…

but you missed off half the log...
what does this mean? sorry for my poor English

you seem to block action that are okey (at least in my eyes)

no, no action was taken. My girlfriend left the popups in the background. So I think if you do not make decision to block/allow, Comodo blocks it (without creating a rule)

could it be?

it can be like that.

When CIS popups asking you to allow or not sthing, by default if it doesn’t get an answer it block the request.

yeah, that is what I meant

It would help to know the name of the program trying to make the request. In the image you’ve posted we can’t see that detail. I’m guessing it’s soffice.exe, which if I remember correctly handles the updates for office.

Much easier just to go into Open Office Configurations/preferences and untick the search for updates box and check manually every now and again if you feel that you must have the latest version. Open Office doesn’t need to be on your start up list at all.