openoffice 2.4 (soffice.bin) and cfp problems

Hello everyone!!

First, I have cfp v3.0.20.320. Today I updated openoffice (current version 2.4). Before I updated openoffice I already had problems with this software. I think the problems are due to Comodo Firewall.

I think cfp doesnt let soffice.bin (a file of openoffice) work correctly. I tried to submit this file to Comodo so they can add it as a safe file, but the extension .bin can not be added.

When soffice.bin is executed it tries to modify a file, ‘stamp.sys’. As normal, the first time this happens I get an alert from Comodo. I already answered yes to this alert.

Can soffice.bin be added to Comodo’s safe list??

geko. :THNK

Put D+ in training mode and then run Open Office. Look for anything being block in your D+ events also.

Hi Geko!

CFP 3 hasn’t liked the stamp.sys file, until one of the latest versions (in my case). Previously it always ended up on Pending List, although I marked it as safe (CFP didn’t remember).

Vettetech’s instructions seems fine, I believe. Do check for rules in Computer Security Policy, and try Training Mode or maybe Clean PC Mode. CFP should learn that soffice.bin is OK to execute, as well as the actions of stamp.sys. Hope it works.