OpenNAP Incoming TCP Listening Blocked?

I use here an OpenNAP P2P client called WinMX (it’s an old software, but works well so I keep using it). It’s set to listen to TCP port 6699 for new file transfer requests, and in v2 it was enough for me to set it as “TCP in, any source address, any source port, destination address, 6699 destination port”, as well as “TCP out, source address, any source port, any destination address, any destination port”. Everything worked perfectly: other users could download from m, I could download from everyone etc.

On v3, though, these same settings block others from downloading from me (though it still allows me to download from them, what’s nice, I think). I can see they attempting and timing out in WinMX’s Transfer window. And when I open Firewall → View Firewall Events, I see tons and tons of blocked events on port 6699.

I’ve attempted allowing full networking access to WinMX. All protocols, from any source address/port to any destination address/port, but no success. Lowering the firewall security setting from “Train with Safe Mode” to “Training Mode” doesn’t solve. The only way others can start downloading from me is by setting the security mode to “Disabled”, what I most surely don’t want to do.

So, what should I do? I’m completely lost! Shouldn’t Comodo Firewall obey the “allow everything this application wants to do” setting for an application when I set it? If not, what other setting must be changed that’s interfering with it?

If you look under the blocked entry in the log does it give a program on the left side that is what is being blocked?

If say svchost.exe is what is being blocked then you have to go to Applications and add a rule under svchost.exe to allow the traffic.

See which program is being blocked and then make a rule for that program.