Opening PDF pages in sandboxed dragon

While opening a pdf page in a comodo sandboxed or non-sandboxed Dragon is OK! the loading in a Sandboxie sandboxed dragon browser is stopped or alted. It occurs when attempting to view Bus - Horaires | Société de transport de Montréal for example. 88)
P.S.: With Google Chrome, everything rocks fine!!! :wink:

I changed all caps title to normal case. Please don’t shout. Eric

The bug occurred with Sandboxie 3.76 (final) but also with Sandboxie beta v. 4.01.05 64 bits. I have Win7 sp1 64 bits. It does not occur with Google Chrome. ;D
The Adobe Acrobat finally also loads up but the pdf page does not show. There is an error message: see below.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Please disable all the extensions you have installed in Dragon and try to open a pdf page.
If the issue still reproduces with the extensions disabled please add all the details requested in this thread so we can further investigate the scenario.