Opening a specific port for a specific app

Hi guys.

Currently in order to open a specific port for my Torrent client to listen I had to set it up as a network rule.
This unfortunately leaves this port wide open permanently.
Is there a way to open a specific port for 1 application only. This way it would be closed|stealth for all other attempts at connecting through it.


There’s a topic I started here…,189.0.html

Egemen says that he found a bug and we’re waiting on a fix for it plus he said he would post a rule for allowing Torrent clients.
At the moment I’m having to shut down Comodo and use windows firewall to use my torrent client without being seen as ‘not connectable’.

I have already mentioned this problem in the following 2 posts:,66.msg976.html#msg976,193.msg1481.html#msg1481

Thanks a lot for your replies.

I am certainly connectable in my Torrent client so this is not the behaviour I am experiencing here, but thank you for the reply.

That is exactly what I am talking about. Thank you.

This behavior has been modified and the fix will be available with the next update.


Is it correct that this issue is not fixed in
In order for me to use my FTP server I have to open the port globally?
I would really like to open port 21 JUST for FileZilla Server, why is it I can’t?

What rule have you made for this?

This issue is fixed. I have done a lot of tests on varius ports.
See this,333.msg1959.html#msg1959

Thanks Pandlouk, I thought that was the case. Looking at the dialogue it certainly appeared that you could specify a specific port for a specific app. Thanks for the confirmation.

ewen :slight_smile:


You can specify a specific port,but not for a specific app. But if no program uses that port at the moment of the attack then it is stealthed ;D

Thanks for the info.
Now that I have done the correct testing I have to admit it works as it should.

Sorry for my poor research prior to posting.

You are welcome. :smiley: