Opening a port


First time user so bear with me if this is a silly question.

I searched through the forums and found similar posts but after trying some of the steps, I still seem to have my problem.

What’s my problem? I can’t seem to open up a port to the outside world. I have this global policy set up but still no luck …

I can’t access ports from an arbitrary point on the Internet or even from another computer connected to the same LAN.

Advice much appreciated!


Are you using a router with a built in firewall?

Yup. However, two reasons why I believe the problem is not caused by the router:

  1. I think I’ve forwarded my ports properly … please see below

  1. I believe my router is set up to allow open access to all machines connected within the LAN. I confirmed this by trying to access a service I set up on another machine (XP) using an arbitrary port. And yes, I could access that service through my vista machine connected on the same LAN. However, the other way round did not work. I could not access a service on port 54686 on my Vista machine using my XP machine (Comodo is installed on my Vista machine only at present).


Hi F4k,

Do you have entries in application rules for “System”

Try using the “Stealth ports wizard” to create rules for the computers on your LAN
Firewall/Stealth Ports Wizard/Next/Either define a new zone or select one from the drop down/Finish
You should now have 2 new rules for “System” in “Application rules” and 2 in “Global rules”

Rules are allways read from the top down.
Anything showing up in View Firewall events/More


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